Wedding Invitations and Stationery with Letterpress

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Letterpress printing is a method for printing text and also vector base images with moveable type in which raised surface of letterpress plates inked and then pressed to smooth surface of almost all kind of paper (most cotton paper) to obtain an image and text in reverse with direct impression. This also refer to direct printing of inked media such as zinc plates, photopolymer or linoleum block plates onto a receptive surface of paper.

Letterpress give you a feel of traditional printing for invitations, announcements, stationery and also posters. This is a special, unique, elegant printing with superb quality for customers that looking for different presentations of their stuff.

Letterpress printing also can combined with other printing techniques such as offset printing, thermography, screen printing and engraving. Especially for wedding invitations, as I know the brides is choosing letterpress as their first option.

Letterpress is a 500 year old craft that is relief printing from moveable type. However, the current market is growing because by using computers to make designs and the introduction of a photopolymer plate process new world and old world have found a marriage.

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