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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Letterpress Wedding Invitations today is so popular, there are so many brides to be around the world who want to use this kind of printing method for their wedding invitations and also stationery.

But after they are browsing though internet, they frustrated because the letterpress wedding invitations vendor offer them high price for this kind of invitations.

I know you are here to find the solution to make a letterpress wedding invitations affordable and inexpensive. We are offer you a cheap letterpress invitations with good quality and many templates that you can choose. Not only that, you can also create by your self with custom letterpress invitations.

We Offer You Cheap Letterpress Invitations
What we offer here is not a joke. I find the same problem with you. Frustrated with expensive price of letterpress wedding invites. After researching for a while, I build my own business to give all of you a solution to print your letterpress wedding invitations with cheap price, good quality, on-time delivery and also free shipping.

See our sidebar! Find and download our letterpress invites catalog, letterpress wedding invitations packages, and individual letterpress printing pricing for more detail about our cheap letterpress invitations offer.

We give you a safest payment in the world with PAYPAL. You can pay it using your visa or master card credit cards via PAYPAL or PAYPAL balance. It safe because it's PAYPAL.
Other payment method is via western union, contact us for more detail.

Our Cheap Wedding Letterpress Invitations Products
Cheap letterpress invitations that we offer use the T-U-C paper. Customized paper made by our partner with 400gsm thickness for one ply. You can also choose two ply for more thick and deep impression.
We give you free choice, from packages, customized packages and individual letterpress printing for your wedding invitations.

Cheap letterpress invitations packages give you a full package, or half package for wedding invitations and stationery. You can choose the package and read the specification of our package at our catalog and pricing files at sidebar.
A one full package contain same quantity of letterpress product.
invitation cards & envelope
printed map card
RSVP card & envelope
thank you card

Half packages give you :
invitation cards & envelope
thank you card

For more detail about our package, you can see at our catalog.

Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitations
With custom letterpress you can create what invitations you want. We need to discuss more for this order, you can design it by yourself, or we can create it for you with your specification and description. Same with the invites, price for custom letterpress wedding invitations is custom too.

So, I think you find the solution now. You can get a affordable letterpress wedding invitations with cheap price.
Contact us for more detail.

Reason Why You Choose Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Searching wedding invitations online will make you confused because there are so many types of wedding invitations that you can choose. Some couple want their invitation cards with have a few photos of them, other don't even think about it. For them who choose original handmade, letterpress wedding invitations is a good choice.

The main reason why they are choose letterpress wedding invitations is the card have a deep impression and they are love it. No other printing technique who can make this effect. This make letterpress wedding invitations interesting with elegant style. With very soft paper from 100% eco friendly cotton paper make this card beautiful.

But if you choose letterpress wedding invitations, you cannot attach your photos at cards, as a result, you will need to go for other kinds of cards if you want to put your pictures on them.

Use Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wedding invitations is an important element for your wedding party experience. This is the first action of wedding planning process from brides to be. You cannot permit the wedding invitation cards be anything less than perfect. The simplest way to do is make sure you pick the good vendor and using letterpress printing.

Simple, elegant and stylish wedding invitations can be made by using letterpress printing. Letterpress wedding invitations can be more inexpensive with single color. Introducing additional hues or press runs will heighten the cost, but having just one  color invites is also easy and tasteful. You just need to make sure that the style of invitations your order is stylish and goes effectively with the wedding venues color you've selected. You can also add embellishment to your invitations too.

Sending your invitation cards in 100% cotton paper with hand calligraphed envelopes give traditional style atmosphere. Shopping online allows you to get more advantage to choose ideal accents and more offers.

Simple, letterpress invites will also be the most classy and unique. At times keeping it simple is regarded as the elegant approach. Picking an uncomplicated invitation still enables you to customize it to your heart's desire. Selecting ink that coordinates with the envelope liners and adding ribbon to the invitation, together with your choice of motifs, can often be just the touch you need to make a stunning invitation. They will furthermore help you save a ton of cash purchasing the ribbon material at a craft or department store.

Elegant with Letterpress Wedding Invitations

No doubt, brides have a tons of choice for their wedding invitations. But all you need to consider is the designs and style of the cards before you make a decision. In fact, you also need to think about the printing process when you are looking for your wedding invitations. Until this step, a lot of couples choose letterpress wedding invitations.

There are some couple who want to add their photos into their wedding invitations. If you are have same idea with them, you need offset printing process and forget about letterpress.

A letterpress wedding invitation deliver a quality and elegance, no wonder why so many brides and grooms choose this types for their invitation cards. The deep impression of letterpress cards will make the invitations impressive.

Material is an important aspect too, a cotton paper for letterpress printing is an eco-friendly paper. Good texture and soft will make your deep text impression look great and elegant.

Classy Wedding Invitations Printing with Letterpress

Brides to be who shopped by her self for wedding invitations knows that there is dizzying variety of printing process to choose to make their wedding invitations, from screen printing, digital, offset, embossed and even combined all of them. We all know almost all brides want a classic and elegant style but don't know which printing process is right.

Introduce you, letterpress printing. A classic and elegant way to invite guest to your formal event. And while most brides consider using this method for their invitations, letterpress is also a classy way to print other such as programs, order of services and menus as well as wedding invitations cards. You also can made thank you notes, rsvp card and reply cards with letterpress.

Letterpress printing invented by Johannes Gutenberg more than 5 centuries ago. He made christian bibles with this printing process. Since that, it's evolved into a timeless way to craft special invitations. This method, make a raised surface of printing plates inked and pressed into a paper surface to make a deboss with great look and feels. Your wedding invitations are run through the press individually, this make your invitations unique.

Letterpress is eco-friendly printing. Printers recommend 100% cotton paper. For example recycled and organic papers are frequently used for letterpress wedding invitations.
With just about one week to one month production process you will get your letterpress wedding invitations in your hand.

Price for custom letterpress is more expensive than other printing options. This because the letterpress need an artisan craft with good skill and part art. Production cost for letterpress printing is also high, they need plates to press the text and printers also use their hand to feed the paper into the press.

So, you can see our pricing for cheap letterpress wedding invitations at sidebar.
Sometime we also give you a promo, you can get a promo package for your letterpress wedding invitations with super secret price that will shock you.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cheap Letterpress Wedding Invitations Contact

Offline store : (by appointment)
Anggadireja 85, Baleendah - Bandung 40258

Text Message : +6283820413769
email :

You can contact us at that place and number, if you want to come to our offline store you need an appointment.

How to Order

Order us for your custom design letterpress wedding invitations with cheap price. All you need to do is preparing all wording you want, design you want, then send it to us. Secure payment with paypal. Then wait at home, courier will knocking your door and bring your package of letterpress wedding invitations.

Step by step ordering system :

1. You can choose the main template for size of paper or package you want for your wedding invitations at our pricing page / downloadable pdf pricing files.

2. Send us your design for your letterpress wedding invitations with other information such as quantity, shipping and other notes. Or tell us what design you want, we create it. (design fee about $50-$350)

3. We will give contact you via email, then we make a electronic dummy for your letterpress wedding invitations.

4. After your approval, we send you invoice that you can pay with your paypal balance or credit cards via paypal sites. You can also send money via Western Union or Bank Transfer.

5. We receive your payment then start making your invitations.

6. After finish, usually takes 10-20 days. Then we send it to you via courier.

Why pay more if you can get cheap letterpress wedding invitations.

Our Products

Cheap Letterpress Blog also accept order from all of you around the world for a letterpress printing service.
We can make wedding invitations, posters, business cards and other stationery that you want to make with letterpress printing.

But here, we just accept order for letterpress wedding invitations.
You can see our pricing at sidebar area, terms and other basic information about how to order. And also information about shipping, for some countries we give you a free shipping.

For your secure internet transaction. You can pay our invoice with Paypal or credit cards via paypal, then wait about 10 - 30 days before you can get your cheap letterpress wedding invitations ever. It's safe, and give you more confidence.

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