Classy Wedding Invitations Printing with Letterpress

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brides to be who shopped by her self for wedding invitations knows that there is dizzying variety of printing process to choose to make their wedding invitations, from screen printing, digital, offset, embossed and even combined all of them. We all know almost all brides want a classic and elegant style but don't know which printing process is right.

Introduce you, letterpress printing. A classic and elegant way to invite guest to your formal event. And while most brides consider using this method for their invitations, letterpress is also a classy way to print other such as programs, order of services and menus as well as wedding invitations cards. You also can made thank you notes, rsvp card and reply cards with letterpress.

Letterpress printing invented by Johannes Gutenberg more than 5 centuries ago. He made christian bibles with this printing process. Since that, it's evolved into a timeless way to craft special invitations. This method, make a raised surface of printing plates inked and pressed into a paper surface to make a deboss with great look and feels. Your wedding invitations are run through the press individually, this make your invitations unique.

Letterpress is eco-friendly printing. Printers recommend 100% cotton paper. For example recycled and organic papers are frequently used for letterpress wedding invitations.
With just about one week to one month production process you will get your letterpress wedding invitations in your hand.

Price for custom letterpress is more expensive than other printing options. This because the letterpress need an artisan craft with good skill and part art. Production cost for letterpress printing is also high, they need plates to press the text and printers also use their hand to feed the paper into the press.

So, you can see our pricing for cheap letterpress wedding invitations at sidebar.
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