Letterpress is Back

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Original letterpress printing system is designed by Johannes Gutenberg with negative image that pressed into paper and make an positive impression of the text or images. With so many industrial types of machine today, letterpress is still available, because this printing method contain a craftsmanship handmade  touch that is not often found in printing today.
Letterpress is still a great choice today, because this is very good way to achieve crisp lines typography and also patterns of images, and producing a perfect result that you can't find in other printing method.

Traditional craft always require a skill to perform, that's made letterpress can vary slightly from each other. But this is the letterpress charm. Letterpress give you an unique that attracts those who looking for. Letterpress also have a simplicity with their spot colors that can bring an elegant touch for letterpress wedding invitation and stationery.

You should use vector base image rather than photo picture to perform letterpress printing, that can give you unique blend of modern and vintage look at the same time and same paper.

Whilst letterpress was originally used for all types of printing from books and newspapers to smaller run items, these days it is particularly popular for applications where you want to make an impact, such as invitations. Letterpress invitations are fashionable and classy at the moment, and are popular for corporate invitations as well as wedding invitations for the stylish bride.

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